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Sunday September 7th SCPWDC Water Trial Lake Castaic

U Liiter Castaic

Dacher is so proud of the performance of our grown up "U" litter puppies. Lily, Ollie and Karma.
All three titled under water trial judge Kathy Monroe pictured above on a hot SoCal afternoon. Left–"Lily" Dacher's Unchained Li'L Melody Apprentice Water Dog
Owned, loved and trained by Cathie Morrissey
Center–"Ollie" Dacher's Delaurs Unamimous Vote BN RA NA NAJ CGC Courier Water Dog
Owned, loved and trained by Lauren Jones
Right–"Karma" Dacher's Uptown Girl CGC Apprentice Water Dog
Owned, loved and trained by Lee Ann Emirkhanian


The most amazing thing is that this is the first PWD each owner has trained for water.
All three owners have been dedicated to training their dog using the resources of the SCPWDC
and we want to give each dog and their owners a big hug and our warmest congratulations
on a job well done.

FLASH Arizona Water Trial Results-"Lily" Received Her WWD and "Ollie" Received His Second Courier Water Dog Leg