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Why Register My Dacher Puppy With The AKC?

Most puppy buyers say to us "I just spent all this money to buy this puppy why should I spend more to register my puppy with the AKC since I do not want to show?" Most puppy buyers do not realize the economic advantages of registering their puppies. The AKC offers a number of programs through it's partners that more than reimburse the cost of registration. A free first office visit with a veterinarian enrolled in the AKC Veterinary Network. The AKC also offers an excellent microchip registration service The Companion Animal Recovery Program at the time of initial registration. You will also receive e-certificates for puppy supplies worth up to $40.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the oldest and largest purebred dog registry in the world. The AKC is also a not-for-profit corporation so that all funds raised after expenses are available to promote canine welfare. One of the major thrusts of the AKC is canine health. In 1995 the AKC established AKC Canine Health Foundation, which funds research projects focusing on the genetics of disease, the canine genome map, and clinical studies. AKC has donated more than $15 million to the Canine Health Foundation. The AKC also contributes nearly a quarter of a million dollars annually for veterinary and veterinary technologist scholarships. The AKC's Canine Support and Relief Fund provides funds for animal and owner assistance after natural disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Our advice is to register your puppy as the cost is minimal and if you later decide you want to participate in canine events that require a registered name and AKC number it will be much more expensive and complicated. The recent availability of online registration has made the process extremely simple using the unique PIN on the AKC registration form.

Once you have registered your puppy you can participate in a number of AKC events (obedience, agility, canine good citizenship, etc.) and specific PWD events such as water trials.

Created April 2007
Modified December 21, 2011