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Useful Internet Links About PWDs And Puppies

AKC American Kennel Club

Bay Woof Bay Area Free Dog Magazine

CERF Canine Eye Registration Foundation

CHIC Canine Health Information

Clean Run Clean Run Magazine and Store (Agility)

Dogwise Dog Books and DVDs Not Available from Amazon

Optigen DNA Testing for the Gene for PRA and Improper Coat (IC-13)

OFA Orthopedic Foundation of America

PWDCA Portuguese Water Dog Club of America

PWDCNC Portuguese Water Dog Club of Northern California

PWDF Portuguese Water Dog Foundation, Inc.

Sirius Dog Training Training tips and locations in the San Francisco Bay area

Dogstar Sirius Digital Puppy Handbook–Great Read for Puppy Owners

4my-dogs Supplies and gifts for the PWD



Created May 2006
Modified December 16, 2011