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Black wavy bitch; 20 inches; 50 lbs.
Health Stats: OFA PW-5760G26F-PI, PW-EL2064F26-PI; Optigen Normal/Clear PW-PRA2288/27F-PI; GM-1 Normal PW-GM1-1958/27F-PI; CERF PW-7055/2010-29; IC-13 Normal CHIC# 66663

Bella is loved, trained and co-owned by John Parks

Bella at 10 weeks of age

Bella 10 wks

Bella at 14 months in the snow

Bella in the snow

Bella and John Junior Water Certificate July 2010

Bella and John JWC

Bella and John PWDCNC Summer 2010

Bella and John Exiting Water