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CH Dacher's Catch The Perfect Wave “Charm”

Black wavy female with white chest 19.5 inches and 49 lbs
Health Stats: OFA Hips: Excellent PW-7695E24F-VPI; Elbows: Normal PW-EL3280F-24-VPI
Optigen prcd/PRA PW-PRA3617/16F-PI; GM-1 PW-GM1-3125/16F-VPI; EYE PW-EYE1752/42F-VPI;
IC-13 Carrier 15-8323; JDCM not done; CHIC #115335

Shown here winning Best Puppy at the Southern California Portuguese Water Dog Club in May 2015
L to R: Judge Mrs. Arlene Davis and Handler Bill McFadden

Charm Best Puppy

Shown winning her first major at Channel City KC July 3, 2015
L to R: Judge Ms. Betty Regina Leininger and handler Taffe McFadden

Charm 1st Major

Shown winning her second major at Del Monte KC July 11, 2015
L to R: Judge Dr. Robert Indelgia and handler Bill McFadden

Charm 2nd Major